Did you miss Best of Web 2015 ? Here's my summary !





In a nutshell, Best of Web 2015 was an amazing conf related to front-end technos. It took place in Paris on June 5th and gathered 8 groups of meetups :

The aim was to select the best talk of each meetup and to replay them during this conf. Indeed, with the growing number of meetups related to Web, it is simply impossible to attend all of them, so this was the opportunity to catch up with this year's bests.

The best talk


The best talk of the day was the opening keynote (Christophe Porteneuve). His narration of the history of the Web from the dark ages to today allowed us to understand how it evolved and how awesome the current ecosystem is : preprocessor, frameworks, transpilers, SPA, the emergence of Node.js, etc. He pointed out the problem with the current educational system regarding the training of web developers, which isn't to me a real problem, since you can easily train yourself on the Internet. He raised the issue of privacy on the Internet and shared his idealistic position about the role of a developer : to help people, not to make money. He started the heated debate of the day : AngularJS vs the other JS frameworks. At BAM, we are fans of Angular and use it for most of our projects and will continue to use it when the 2.0 version will be released.

The most spectacular talks

These three presentations had really cool demos:

  • Norbert Schnell and Samuel Goldszmidt in Web Audio now ! showed us how to manipulate sound with a Web API and to broadcast a music in all the conference room thanks to the smartphones connected to a server.

  • Mickael Dumand spoke about Kinect and demonstrated how to use it to manipulate a web page with motion. He couldn't show the original project he worked for (which was for a lingerie brand, what a shame !). It's a pity that Microsoft didn't open its Kinect API for javascript, thus building web application for Kinect doesn't seem easy, even if his demonstration was cool.

  • Raphaël Luta presents real-time vizualisations with D3.js. This library can display dashboards with all kinds of indicators. During his presentation, he asked us to vote on Twitter for the best superhero and a webpage displayed the result in real-time (this poll was a bit useless, everyone knows it's Batman...). To my mind, it is a really powerful library but with a steep learning curve (in comparison with js charts libraries like Highcharts).

The coolest talk

Martin Gorner (Material Design with Polymer) explained what was Material Design and its philosophy : based on a paper we can cut or move, its aim is to be very informative. This part was quite refreshing, a talk on design in contrast with all the talks on code. The second part was about Polymer, an implementation of Web Components. Now that the version 1.0 is released, Polymer is the new trendy techno to use to make reusable Web Components.

The talks: "I will think about it the next time I need it"

Virginie Bardales talked about REST Api and especially on the conventions related to the different levels of REST. This presentation was very helpful to improve the relation between front-end and back-end through API. It also showed that we can't always comply with the REST specification and we have to take some freedom from it, for instance: a RESTful API implies there is only one URL to get a resource (e.g. "/users"), which prevents us from versioning the API (e.g. "/1.1/users" and "/1.2/users").

Tarifa CLI(Paul Panserrieu) is a command-line that can build Cordova projects with more options. But let see if it is really customizable.

Florent Duveau defended his framework (Why choosing Backbone in 2015 ?). He stated that you cannot compare Backbone to Angular or Ember, as it aims to bind the data and not the views. It seems mature and light.

The talk: "Oh, I'm a bit lost here!"

Douglas Duteil told us about his winning ES2015 ready Angular web stack. Dealing with a very interesting subject for all the JS developers : Ecmascript 2015, the speaker lost me because I didn't know several of the libraries he mentioned and what was their role or what was the link between them.

The talk: "I will keep an eye on"

CSS grid (presented by Mathieu Parisot) seems a efficient way to arrange your HTML element on a grid. Unfortunately, it is not currently implemented on browsers, so I am waiting for it (keep an eye on http://caniuse.com/ to know whether you can use an HTML/CSS feature).

The others talks:

I'm sorry for the 2 last talks of the day (Reactive Programming with RxJS byHugo Cordier and Building an application with Ember.js in 2015 by Tom Coquereau), I wasn't receptive since my brain was completely burnt by the dense and hot day. I also missed the presentation of NodeWebkit by Jacopo Daeli (I will not admit I was playing at the Viseo quizz game at that moment or watching the tennis game...).

In addition to these talks, there were some standouts like Mozilla who promoted its mobile operating system Firefox OS and its developer edition for Firefox.


My top 3 stands:

  • Eleven Labs for their TV so we could watch the game between Tsonga and Wawrinka
  • Sfeir for their cookies. They also had beers but I'm more a cookie person ;)
  • Viseo for their fun quizz game

Thanks to all the speakers, organisers and sponsors for this great conf !