Debugging a packaged .ipa on your iOS device in OSX and Linux



Update: If you get "ERROR: Could not start service" you might need to change the rights to lockdown by doing sudo chmod 777 /var/db/lockdown

It seems impossible to debug a packaged .ipa and understand why it's crashing. But unknown to most, iOS provides access to its system logs.

To debug a packaged app you will need idevicesyslog a command line tool which is part of the amazing libimobiledevice project.

What's so great about this project is that this library is also available in linux and gives you easy access to the intricates of your iOS device.

To install it simply use the appropriate package:

# For OSX
brew install libimobiledevice  
# For Ubuntu
sudo apt-get install libimobiledevice  

Then plugin your device, run idevicesyslog and enjoy reading crash reports :)

Another command line tool made available by this library is idevicecrashreport <Path_to_dump_folder>. Which will extract and dump the device crash logs in the specified folder.