Bootstrap your React Native application in 10 minutes

React Native


Here at BAM we have truly become fans of React Native. May it be in terms of performance or coding philosophy. But something that really matters to us is the time required to setup a React Native project with a proper environment and getting to prod as fast as possible.

It is very common to find tutorials explaining how to create a react native project but way too rare to find some explaining how to setup multiple environments, sign your application, push it to prod, setup continuous integration or tests, …


For all the above reasons, for us, and for the community, we have decided to create and share a tool to make the "devops" tasks of a React Native developer easy. This tool is the Yeoman React Native Toolbox Generator.


With this tool you will be able to efficiently setup:

With these tools, we wish to help you kickstart your React Native project in no time, and with an environment we approve and use everyday. And of course, we are eagerly awaiting your feedback in order to make this tool the best it can be.