Boost your Daily Scrum Meetings


A daily that lasts too long limits the time your team spend implementing features and adding actual value to the product, thus jeopardizing your sprint. You should therefore try and maximize the efficiency (value over duration) of those meetings to help you complete a successful sprint. The key to an efficient Daily Scrum is its energy. Here are a few tips to galvanize your team and boost your daily meetings:

There is no time but the right time

Always start your Daily Scrum at the exact same time. Not a single minute later or earlier.

15 minutes timebox

In order to make the most out of it, make sure you timebox the Daily Scrum to 15 min. Set up a large timer for everyone to see and keep an eye on the clock.

5 minutes daily preparation

Take 5 minutes before your daily time to prepare it:

  • Look at the Done column to remind you of the features that you developed that are done
  • In the Sprint Backlog column, prioritize according to the Sprint Goal before tagging yourself on the cards that you commit yourself to do during the day.
  • If you encountered any difficulties, try and summarize it in one clear sentence.

3 questions

One after the other, developers answer the daily's 3 questions:

What did you do yesterday?

Answer this one with the user stories that you were able to drive all the way to the done column. Everything that is not done still requires work.

What are your objectives for today?

Make sure that one member tackles the sprint goal.

Did you encounter any difficulties?

If the answer is yes, the speaker should summarize the difficulty in one sentence and, if so, indicate that he/she has entered a line in the Problem Solving Table.

As a speaker:

  • stick to facts
  • avoid digressions and justifications
  • avoid technical vocabulary

As a listener:

  • Do not interrupt the speaker

Problem solving

Use the last 5 minutes of your daily scrum to solve problems.

  • Distribute problems between each member before the daily so they can prepare the resolution and speed up this part.
  • If you reach the end of your 15min timebox without actions for each problem, make sure one member commits himself to find one before the next daily.

Send the Daily Mail while you are at it

At the end of the Daily Scrum, have one member commit himself to writing the Daily Mail and make sure he doesn't do anything else until it is done. Your Product Owner expects the Daily Mail always at the same time, make sure you deliver. It shows the reliability of the team and will helps building trust.

I really hope that this will help you boost your Daily Scrums and make them as efficient as possible.

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